Berean Music Team Resources

Here’s what we are about…

Our Goal

Use our gifts and talents to create an engaging, inclusive environment designed to create better Jesus followers.

Our Strategy
  • Song Choice: Our song list contains about 30 songs that are theologically accurate, singable and musically interesting.
  • Presentation: Planning and preparation during the week help to create a cohesive music time that aligns with other parts of the worship gathering.
  • Modeling: Our body language, attitude and behaviors, both on and off stage, should encourage people to freely worship God with unity.
Our Expectations

A band is a team that requires each member to understand their role and prepare to the best of their ability. We should hold each other accountable to be prepared for rehearsals and worship gatherings.

What Success Looks Like

Although we can’t control the state of each person’s heart as they worship with us, we need to be sure that we are coming with a clean and pure heart. We are inviting people to worship with us, so we must be individually prepared to worship first. If we can walk off stage and, in humility, say that we were well prepared musically and spiritually then we can say we had success.

If you are interested in serving on the music team, fill out the application here.