Series: Fear Not

Fear attacks us right where our faith lives


… and keeps us from stepping into the plans God has for us. Created for the Christmas season, Fear Not helps us overcome fear and transform it into faith and obedience. With messages on the angels’ visits to Mary, Joseph, and the shepherds, Fear Not assures us that God will always give us the guidance we need to reject fear.

Berean would like to thank Craig Groeschel and Life.Church for the inspiration of our Fear Not series


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Fear of What God is Asking Me to Do

You’ve probably been there: one minute you’re walking through the grocery store, minding your own business, picking up the bread and milk, when suddenly you spot them: Mr. or Mrs. So-and-so. In the split second it takes your brain to recognize them, it’s already calculated the quickest route to avoid the inevitable conversation that will occur should they notice you. And you know they’re gonna ask you for something. So you put your head down and double-time your way to the cereal aisle. Sometimes we treat God that way, too. We like to be close enough to God to get the good stuff, but not quite close enough to have him call us to Africa or give up that nice new car. What if we surrender everything to God… and things don’t work out exactly the way we wanted them to?

Fear of What People Think About You

All of us care what people think about us. Many of us battle an obsession with it. The problem is, that can create tension when we’re faced with a choice between doing what is easy and doing what is right, or between doing what people want us to do and what God wants us to do. For one man at the center of the Christmas story, this tension was very, very real – and God’s message to him was at once terrifying and comforting:

“Fear not.”

Fear of Where You Stand with God

How do you know where you stand with God? What exactly is the standard that he goes by? There are lots of things we COULD use – like how good we are, how often we go to church, how rarely we lose our temper, how many friends we have, etc. Are any of them helpful? What if you don’t measure up by ANY standard? For one group of people in the Christmas story, that was their reality. By every standard people set out, they were inadequate, unworthy, and unloved. But God chooses this group to be the first to hear about Jesus. An angelic chorus greeted them with words that changed everything: “Fear not, I bring you good news of great joy…”

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