Current Series

For hundreds of years, religious people assumed they had the inside track. Their knowledge gave them access to God and privileges with people. But one day a new teacher took the stage. His stories confused the religious but made sense to the simple. Singlehandedly, this young teacher turned the religious world upside down, never to be the same again. Join us as we study some of his most famous stories that inspired the simple and confounded the wise.

Week 1: I’m Beyond Hope

When we lose something of value, our minds are consumed with finding it. We invite those around us to join us in the search. When someone finally screams “I found it!”, cheering is common. In the same way, Jesus is on a rescue mission to seek and save the lost. Each time he does, heaven parties. This Easter, we hope to cause more heavenly parties as lost people are found, and found people realize God found them us not because we are so good, but because He is so good.

Week 2: Don’t Share

Jesus told stories to hide his message from the hard and make it accessible to the humble. One day he told a story without a story, writing his audience into the script. His vivid illustration captured the heart of his message and the essence of his people’s mission. His movement hinged on their ability to grasp and live this profound hidden parable.

Week 3: Sower, Seed, Soil

Jesus sometimes spoke in parables – earthly stories to explain heavenly truths. One of the most relatable parables for that time would have been The Sower, The Seed and The Soil. Everyone in that time period would understand the process of planting seeds and expecting a harvest. Unlike some other parables, Jesus even took the time to fully explain this parable. As we look at this parable, we need to understand what it means for us today.

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