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Thanksgiving is about more than food, family, and football.


It’s the only holiday on our calendar focused on gratitude. As a church, we are going to slow down for three weeks to truly give thanks. This series will stir within us an attitude of gratitude, leading us closer to the giver of all good gifts.

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Week 1: The Magic of Gratitude

What is God’s will for my life? It’s a common question that rarely gets a good answer. But what if part of God’s will for your life wasn’t hidden? What if God wrote it down so you wouldn’t miss it? And what if obeying it dramatically improved your attitude, no matter what you’re going through? This Sunday we uncover God’s will for our lives and take the first step towards a new attitude.

Week 2: All Good

 “I’m all good” is something we say and hear constantly. But what if that’s not true? On Sunday we look at the source of all good, and we just may stop saying “I’m all good” and thanking the ONE who is truly all good!

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