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What’s in a name?


A lot, actually. Fundamentally, a name communicates identity. Your name tells people who you are. The same is true for God: his names reveal who he is. As you might expect, that’s not a small task. Thankfully, the Bible is filled with names for God that show us glimpses of who he is and what that means for us. From “Elohim” to “Abba,” join us as we get to know our God better by getting to know his names.

Week 1: Elohim

Elohim is used some 2,750 times in the Old Testament. Surprisingly, it’s not quite a name, it’s more of a title, and it applies to God, gods, angels, people, and the list goes on. Yet while there are many Elohim, examining this title for God reveals that he is in a class by himself.

Week 2: Yahweh

The second name for God that we’re given in scripture is his personal name: Yahweh. This name carries the truth that God is righteous and just.  He is a God that demands our reverence.

Guest Speaker: Dan Nichols

There’s a huge need for organizations like NEC (Northeast Collaborative) in our region, so we’re grateful for the opportunity to partner with them to bring the hope of Jesus to our home. Dan Nichols is the executive director of NEC and he challenged us to see hard times as one of God’s tools for building strong churches.

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