Series: Casting Down Crowns

Who has the power?

Three ancient kings, each at the helm of the most powerful nation in the world, believe THEY do. The world is at their fingertips and no one would dare defy them. But as these chapters of Daniel unfold, they come face to face with the REAL power – a God who holds all kingdoms (and all kings) in His hands.

The Bible Project

Get a big-picture view of Daniel with an animated tour from the Bible Project.

Companion Study

Larry Osborne has an excellent 5-part series on Daniel titled “Thriving in Babylon.” We encourage you or your group to watch these 15-20 minute videos during this summer series in Daniel.

Discussion Guides & Message Wraps

Week 1: A King Becomes a Cow

“Pride goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall” (as King James would say). It’s quite possible that no one on earth has experienced the truth of that proverb more than Nebuchadnezzar. His pride leads him into a showdown with the true King of kings. God takes drastic action to strip away every vestige of the source of his pride. Before it’s over, Neb will lose his crown, his relationships, and his mind. But what he gains is something far more valuable.

Week 2: A King Sees the Writing on the Wall

Daniel 5 is a bit like a biblical ghost story – as the king of Babylon parties, a phantom hand appears and writes words on the wall that no one can understand. The king, understandably, is terrified. Daniel explains to the king what the writing on the wall means: his arrogance toward God has cost him his kingdom and his life. Belshazzar’s folly is a reminder for all of us that the way to be near God begins with a healthy fear of God.

Week 3: A King Meets THE King

Lions and politicians and kings, oh my! Daniel 6 pits Daniel against wild beasts of all kinds – from actual lions to sinister politicians. In a power-obsessed culture, Daniel chooses a different path. His example of faith teaches a powerful king (and us) a lesson he won’t soon forget. 

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