Leader Resources

More and better Jesus followers

What you’re doing is a pretty big deal.

By giving people opportunities to connect with God and each other, you are creating an environment where people can and will be transformed. As a Connect Group leader, you will be on the front lines of ministry at Berean. You are loved, prayed for, and treasured.

 The resources on this page are designed to help you embrace this calling to make more and better Jesus-followers!

Leader Training


Every leader can be a great leader. This website provides training and resources to help you become the best leader you can be!


We provide discussion guides for each message series during active group terms (Fall, Winter, and Spring). Download the study guide for our current series here.

Access thousands of bible studies for individual or group study. Stream videos, print discussion guides, and find your next group study here.

Provided by Northpoint Community Church, this website offers access to many excellent group studies. Stream content and order study guides here.

Group Management Resources


… is really important. In fact, relationships depend on it. Churchteams is our web-based groups reporting software that allows people to connect with your group, you to connect with your group members, and your coach to connect with you. Use this link to access your group’s profile.


… can help you avoid lots of unnecessary frustration. That’s why we recommend using a group covenant at the start of each term. Use this document to clarify expectations and get everyone on the same page as you launch your group.


… is sometimes a headache. Ultimately we don’t require you to take a specific approach, each group has the freedom to decide how they want to do this. This article provides a great place to start the conversation with your group.

Get Support

Have questions? Need some advice? Use this link to connect with your coach and get the support you need!